Which Neighborhood Can Be Found in Both London and New York City?

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10 Most NYC neighborhoods Cities

Which Neighborhood Can Be Found in Both London and New York City: Here is a complete list to mention that none of these neighborhoods is in New York and London City, so you can freely hire trustworthy Queens movers and move to that part of the New York City.

1. Downtown

As of 9/11 , the town was one among New York’s elite neighborhoods. A tragedy occurred within the region that caused great changes throughout the region. Office buildings are became apartments, strip clubs now into fancy restaurants and boutiques. Over the years, the rate within the city has improved, as major crimes have dropped by 79 percent. However, since the world features a small population, it achieved a significantly higher rate within the land sector, with 191 per 10,000 inhabitants.

2. Midtown

Probably one of the most demographically diverse areas in New York, the crime rate in Midtown is 723 felonies per 10,000 residents. There are so many people in the area all the time that the crime rate is often high. Tourists often come to this part of New York and people from all walks of life love the area, which is considered the most dangerous of all the risky New York neighborhoods.

3. Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen

Hales Kitchen was one among the worst, poorest, and riskiest neighborhoods in ny , once home to a violent gang. However, it should be noted that ny recruits now call it the Clinton neighborhood in an attempt to vary the reputation of the district. On the opposite hand, crime statistics are presented here and in Chelsea, which is now widely known for shooting up within the vicinity, but maintains a negative effect.

4. Greenwich Village and Meatpacking District

You think this is a mistake because we all know that these areas are one of the best neighborhoods in New York. At the time of “Sex and the City”, Meatpacking District 4 was growing rapidly. Tree trees, beautiful houses that cost less, as well as wealthy inhabitants make them very attractive to thieves. Auto theft has increased from 18 to 45 percent.

5. Fort Green and Clinton Hill

Over the years, these areas have eroded reputations for dangerous people. Gentrification made serious efforts to undertake to enhance the standard of life and eliminate crime, but it had been not very successful. The low population level, the event of housing project and therefore the level of great crime that’s continuously increasing are often attributed to its low safety rating. They registered 223 serious crimes for each 10,000 inhabitants.

6. Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Dumbo

This may come as a surprise to several , but it appears that the safe suburbs of Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo Plus Boerum Hill might not be as safe as they appear . The arrival of latest residents to the present area can cause a drastic change within the area. consistent with the DNA Info crime and security report, 63 violent crimes were recorded for each 10,000 residents of the district. within the case of land crimes, there have been 142 crimes for each 10,000 inhabitants.

7. Hunts Point

For an extended time, Hunts Point had to figure hard to measure up to its reputation as a home for prostitutes. the town underwent additional efforts like softening, which led to a discount in crime rates. While rape incidents are getting a drag within the region, it ranks very low on the security index. With 135 serious crimes per 10,000 inhabitants reported, also as arrests in rape cases with a multiplication of 5 , it’s not surprising that the world is simply as dangerous.

8. Brownsville

The DNA crime and security report called Brown the murder capital of latest York. it’s the very best number of murders within the entire city – an alarming figure – 31 murders per 10,000 residents. Brownsville also has records of 10 shots per 10,000 residents. However, we must confine mind that murders, robberies and vehicle thefts have decreased since 2010. This explains this ranking within the 10 riskiest ny neighborhoods.

9. Flatiron and Gramercy

This may come as a surprise, as most of the people find these areas ideal for commercial and residential purposes. Property crimes are the most culprits for being on this list. As thieves know that the population in these areas is typically made from rich people, they attack the homes in these places. The grand larceny rate is 158 per 10,000 inhabitants. Also, theft cases are above average. The house price also increased slightly. It’s no wonder they are not on the list of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods for families.

10. Bedford-Stuyvesant

You may have heard his nickname “Do or Die” Bed-Stew. The neighborhood was the last incarnation of violence within the 1980s and its legacy still lives on. the general rate increased to six percent, with a criminal offense rate of 212 violent crimes for each 10,000 offenders. the amount of cases of robberies, rapes and criminal attacks within the area has been increasing steadily, which worries both old and new residents. If you continue to plan to move to the present neighborhood, then you ought to consider renting in ny . Just just in case .

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